Holiday Packing And Storage Tips

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The Holidays are an enjoyable time to decorate your home and make everything feel more festive. There are lights, garland, ornaments, bows and more. It is an exciting time to add warmth and holiday spirit to your home. Things will start to feel cozy and comfortable bringing holiday cheer to you and your family. Each year when you decorate it seems like you are always missing one decoration or something has broken during storage. So you go out and have to buy new ones. Then it seems like they start to multiply and before long they can take over your storage. Packing and storing your holiday decorations can become an overwhelming task. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Storage Bins: Buying the proper storage bins for your holiday decorations can make all the difference. Buying different size plastic totes can help you organize and keep your decorations safe.

  • Labeling: Using a labeling system to keep your decorations organized can help you get off to a good start next year.

  • Packaging: Delicate ornaments and decorations should be wrapped in tissue paper, bubble wrap or try to save the package they came in.

  • Food decorations: Some decorations are made of dough or macaroni. This can attract pests or fall apart over a year. Try keeping these decorations in sealed bags.

  • Light Storage: Tangled lights can be a pain to undo. To help avoid this, take an empty coffee can and cut a hole in the lid. Wrap the lights around the can and put the plug in the lid hole. You can put any extra bulbs and extension cords in the can.

  • Storing: If you are running out of space in your home to store your decorations, try finding a storage unit. These storage units can be rented out monthly or yearly to help you store your items.

The holidays are a wonderful time to decorate your home. Let the holiday fun begin and don’t stress about storage. Take time to put things away properly so next year will be a pleasant decorating process. Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends; sharing traditions and decorating together. Maybe even making a few more holiday decorations to add to your collection!

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