Organizing For Your Next Move

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Moving an entire household from an old home to a new home is a big job and if not organized well it can easily turn into a stressful disaster. That is why it is super important to take the time in the weeks before the actual move to organize your home and self. At Long Island Moving and Storage we want to give you some easy tips to help organize your next move and ease the stress level for you and your family.

Tips for organizing a move include:

  • Go throughout your home especially storage areas and decide which items you for sure want to include in your move. Do you really need that box of CD’s that you haven’t listened to in the last 5 years? Organize the items you do not want to take with you into piles of trash, sell, and donate and get rid of the clutter.

  • In order to prevent multiple trips to the store while you are right in the middle of packing create a list of supplies that you will need. Packing boxes, packing tape, labels, permanent markers, bubble wrap are all items that should be gathered ahead of time; remember you are going to need more supplies than you think.

  • Ahead of time go throughout your home and gather up all your important documents, birth certificates, medical records, insurance cards, and social security cards are all good examples. These items should all be kept together and placed into your car to be moved with you. Don’t place them in a moving box; they are much more likely to get lost that way.

  • Completely pack one room before moving onto the next one, this is a good way to stay on track and not get ahead of yourself. Label each of your boxes once it is packed. Having your boxes labeled will make the unpacking process at your new location go much more smoothly.

  • Label some of your boxes “last on”, these boxes should have things in them that you will want unloaded and unpack first. Things like the coffee maker, pots and pans, plates, your kids’ favorite toys, wine glasses are example of what can be placed in those boxes.

  • Don’t pack everything, make sure you take into account the items you and your family will need during the move. Nothing is worse than getting to your hotel and realizing all your clean clothing and underwear are packed away on the moving van. Items like clothing, medicine and toiletries should be packed in a separate travel bag.

Despite your best preparations, moving can still be a stressful and hectic time! Along with being prepared another great way to lighten your moving load is to get help from professional Long Island movers. Insured professional movers, like the ones at Long Island Moving and Storage, that offer services like providing you with supplies; completing the packing process for you, safely removing and loading large items from your home, and then unpacking at your new destination are all things that can make your move much more streamlined and effective. If getting help with your next move sounds good to you, don’t waste your time searching for moving companies in Long Island when the choice is so obvious. Contact Long Island Moving and Storage today and see why so many have trusted our services time and time again!

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