10 Reasons To Choose Long Island Moving And Storage

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Moving is tough. There is so much to do when you start planning your move that it can be easy to get lost in the details which is why there are professional moving companies out there to help you with everything involved in your move. But choosing the right company can be a tough choice in itself. How do you pick the right company from all the moving companies in New York when they all claim to have the best service, the best prices and the best track record? Well, you do some research and then you come upon a list like this, which lists the top 10 reasons for choosing a moving company. So here goes- the top 10 reasons why you should choose Long Island Moving and Storage for your next New York move! 

  1. We’ve been in business since 1926! Since then, we’ve learned a thing or two about Long Island moving.  We have loads of experience that we want you to benefit from to make your move go as smoothly and easily as possible.

  2. We provide free wardrobe boxes with steel bars across the top. We don’t expect you to just toss your clothing in a box for the move; suits, dresses and other expensive garments should be hung up so that they’ll arrive at your destination wrinkle free.

  3. We don’t ask for any money upfront when reserving a target move date. We know your plans may change, especially when there is a move involved, so we allow our customers to change their moving date or time after booking their move.

  4. We can provide you with a free estimate for your move! We offer a 30 second free quote to give you a quick estimate, or detailed residential or commercial estimates that take into account the specifics of your move. Either way, our estimates are free!

  5. We can do the packing for you! If you choose our packing service, we’ll carefully pack all of your belongings (or just a few, depending on your needs) so that they are sure to arrive at your destination in one piece.

  6. We don’t require you to empty out all your dresser drawers! This means that junk drawer you’ve been dreading doesn’t need to be emptied and your sanity can stay intact. This is especially important for stress-free moving!

  7. We offer clean and secure storage. This is an excellent solution if you’re moving to a smaller location and can’t take all your belongings with you but don’t want to give everything up.

  8. We offer special handling of sensitive items, including moving pianos, art, antiques, plasma TVs and computers. There’s no point in hiring a moving company that is going to bang up all your expensive goods; you want a company that knows what it’s doing when packing and moving your sensitive belongings!

  9. We will provide you with an itemized inventory list for your move or for your stored belongings. It doesn’t matter if you’re not organized, because we are! Our itemized lists will show everything we’ve packed for you (or stored for you!) to help you stay organized during what could be a very chaotic process.

  10. People *Like* us! We’re very proud of that fact and our customer testimonials show that our services are appreciated! We’re also good standing members of the Better Business Bureau

There! 10 reasons to choose our Long Island Moving and Storage services! Give us a call today to learn the 11th reason - our friendly, professional and courteous customer service! If you live in Long Island or anywhere in the state of New York and you are looking for exceptional moving and storage services, please contact us today!

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