Preparing For A Short Haul Move

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Short haul moving is generally classified as a move that is less than 650 miles. But one thing to note is that shorter distance moves do not mean there is shorter preparation time. All too often, people who are moving just a few miles down the road as compared to say across the country, tend to put off some of the major parts of a move like packing properly, packing ahead of time, etc. Our Long Island moving professionals wanted to remind people that no matter how far you are moving, just a few minutes down the road or hundreds of miles away, there are still a lot of preparations before a short haul move. Here are a few things to keep in mind for those about to undergo a short haul move.

Pack as if you are moving across the country. The first thing to go downhill when moving a shorter distance is the quality of packing. The truth is whether you are driving just a few miles down the road or hundreds, things can still break if they are not packed properly. Read our moving and packing tips for more details!

Take advantage of time and flexibility with shorter moves. If you are just moving down the road or even across the town, you have more flexibility with timing. Take advantage by calling upon friends and family to help you make smaller trips over a period of time. This will reduce the burden and stress related to trying to do the entire move in one day.

A common misconception is that if you are moving just a short distance then you do not need the extra help from professional packers and movers. But if you are busy, have a lot of belongings to move, or simply do not want to deal with all the time and energy required in a move, please give our Long Island moving professionals a call! We offer an exclusive truck and moving crew so that your relocation, no matter how far or near, is under your control. No sharing of a truck or waiting for your belongings to arrive days later.

To learn more about short haul moving services in New York, contact Long Island Moving & Storage. We have been the mover of choice for Long Island’s homes and business for over 3 generations and we are ready to help you during your next short haul move!

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