Do You Have All Your Moving Supplies Ready?

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Since moving itself is chaotic enough, being prepared with the proper moving supplies is going to make all the difference. In addition to all of your belongings, there are also a few things that you need to have on hand before the big move happens. Our Long Island moving professionals would like to share a list of moving supplies that will make moving day less chaotic and more enjoyable for everyone.

Boxes and totes - One of the most basic but essential for moving supplies is enough boxes or totes for the big day. Moving an entire home requires A LOT of boxes and a lot of packing. So even if your move date is scheduled out a ways, it’s never too early to start accumulating boxes and totes to pack your belongings.

Bubble wrap - Another key item for moving is bubble wrap. We all have those special items, you know the breakables that we worry about during a move. But if you are prepared with bubble wrap you can create a cushion to keep your breakables well protected through a move.

Labels and tape - Basic, but also important are both labeling supplies and tape. You want to be sure that you can tape boxes closed and also tape bubble wrap around items that need it. But once you close a lid to a box, we highly recommend labeling the box. You are going to quickly forget where your belongings are and labels will be key once you are in your new place and trying to begin the unpacking process.

Keep boxes labeled and organized. Perhaps label boxes by room and maybe note a few key items that are in the boxes. Take the chaos out of trying to remember and guess which box has which items. You will be glad you did!

And last but certainly not least is hiring a great moving company. As mentioned before, moving day is hard enough to handle on your own so why not hire professional movers who have mastered the art of moving to help.

For residents in New York including Long Island and throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, please contact Long Island Moving and Storage today to see how we can help you during your next move! We are fully licensed and insured so you can trust in our reliable moving professionals to make your big moving day a smooth transition. Simply give us a call today to schedule your moving date and to purchase moving supplies!

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