How To Pick A Moving Company In NY

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Moving is a daunting task for both home and business owners. And if you live in New York, well it just got that much harder. It’s challenging enough to get your bagel and coffee at the shop, let alone pack up your entire home or office and move across town. So when it comes to the big moving day, you want to be sure that you have hired the right movers for the job to ensure a smooth and efficient moving process. So to help ease the worries of your next move, here are some tips from the Long Island moving professionals on how to pick a New York moving company for both residential moves and commercial moves.


#1- How long has the company been in business?


With time comes expertise. Moving companies that have been around for many years are probably there for a reason. A good reason! They have had success and are more likely to be trusted in the community, have all of their licensing, and probably quite a few testimonials as well. Newer companies are not automatically a bad choice but long-term success is always a good choice.


#2 - Are they licensed and insured with the Better Business Bureau and transportation departments?


A very important thing to ask the moving companies that you are considering is whether they are fully licensed and insured with places like the BBB and the state and federal departments of transportation. If they are going to be handling and transporting your belongings, you want to be sure that they are insured and that your movers have the proper licenses. This is a non-negotiable as far as we are concerned!


#3 - What do your friends and neighbors say about them?


Word of mouth is always the best marketing. So ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors who they have used as a moving company in the past. You will get more genuine and honest feedback when it comes from your peers rather than any sales pitches out there.


#4 - What do their online reviews and testimonials say?


People are much less likely to hold back when it comes to leaving online feedback. And while you have to account for those few people who will probably be bashing every company, look for the general tone of reviews and testimonials online. If there is an overall positive vibe then you are probably going to have a positive experience. Also, note the number of reviews. If there are just one or two, you will want to do more researching before forming any opinion.


Are you in New York and planning a move? At Long Island Moving & Storage, our team has a longstanding reputation for both quality and integrity. Being in business since 1926 has allowed us to really grasp the most efficient moving practices for both homes and businesses. So if you are looking to hire a trusted moving company in New York to make your big moving day easier, please give us a call!


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