5 Tips To Simplify The Moving Process

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Do you get anxiety at the thought of moving? No matter how many times you have made a move, the process is not easy. Packing up and moving your entire life to a new location is a major undertaking but the good news is that there are some ways to make it easier. Whether you plan to be moving soon or sometime later, here are some tips to help simplify the moving process in Long Island and surrounding NY areas.


Sort through your belongings NOW. No matter how far down the line your move is now is the time to start going through all of your belongings. Donate or get rid of things that are no longer used so that you will have less to pack, less to move and less clutter in general.


Make sure to take care of errands around town. Fill prescriptions for yourself, other family member and pets, return any library books, pick up any items at the dry cleaners, and take care of all the errands in town before you make the move. You will be less likely to forget things if you make a date in town and get these little, but important things taken care of.


Schedule out the transfer of cable, phone services, etc. Make sure to schedule the shut off or transfer of your services as soon as you’ve figured out your official moving date. These are simple phone calls and can help you tremendously during the stress of moving day when you are tying up all of the odd and ends.


Pack ‘moving bags’ for you and family members. You want to pack bags of clothing, toiletries, bedding, and a few dishes for those first few nights in the new place. Also, it is best to keep things of real value right with you like passports, jewelry and cash. This will help you be able to ease into the unpacking process without worry of where these crucial items are.


Make a folder or file of important documents. This includes a set of your current bills (for account information, etc.), medical paperwork, paperwork for tenants or new homeowners, and also any paperwork you will need for your new home. You don’t want to risk important papers getting lost in piles of belongings.


It’s never too early to get started on the moving process. The sooner you start the easier and more simple the process will be when moving day arrives. For those living on Long Island including Nassau County and Suffolk County, and throughout the state of New York, if you are looking for moving assistance of any kind, please contact Long Island Moving and Storage today. We have been helping New York homes and businesses move since 1926 and we are ready to help simplify your move today. As soon as your moving date is set, give us a call!

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