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Long Island Moving & Storage’s New Website

our new website

Much research and planning should go into the process of moving and Long Island Moving & Storage has the experience and knowledge to make your move one of comfort and ease. To make it even more enjoyable, we have completely redesigned our website to make it user-friendly and full of suggestions and ideas that will ensure that you forget nothing! Continue

Downsize Before A Move For A Cleaner More Organized Home

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Moving is never an easy task in even the best of conditions. So many things factor in—geographic distance, drastic climate changes, a sudden and unexpected move that calls for downsizing and reducing the amount of personal items and furniture. This invariably happens when one moves from a house to an apartment or even from a large house to a much smaller one. Continue

Mover Storage VS Self Storage

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Regardless of the reason, moving your entire family and all your belongings can be a monumental and overwhelming task. Relocating may be the result of an employment transfer, a need to move closer to family, or simply the desire to purchase a new home across town. No matter the reason, there are many things to consider—packing boxes, wrapping fragile keepsakes, protecting furniture during… Continue

5 Tips To Simplify The Moving Process

Packing Boxes In Long Island Before Moving

Do you get anxiety at the thought of moving? No matter how many times you have made a move, the process is not easy. Packing up and moving your entire life to a new location is a major undertaking but the good news is that there are some ways to make it easier. Whether you plan to be moving soon or sometime later, here are some tips to help simplify the moving process in Long Island and… Continue