Downsize Before A Move For A Cleaner More Organized Home

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Moving is never an easy task in even the best of conditions. So many things factor in—geographic distance, drastic climate changes, a sudden and unexpected move that calls for downsizing and reducing the amount of personal items and furniture. This invariably happens when one moves from a house to an apartment or even from a large house to a much smaller one.

Another condition that makes moving difficult is the length of time one has been in the same location. Most people accumulate so many things over the years, some of which are forgotten about and never used. They simply take up valuable space. These are the items that should be sorted through when downsizing. The cardinal rule should be to never move clutter from one home to the next.

Reducing the overwhelming and stressful task of moving should begin with eliminating garbage and clutter. Often, broken items, outdated computers, appliances, and tools that have lost their effectiveness and efficiency get tossed in a closet or corner rather than being discarded. The idea that “one of these days I will fix it” never materializes and it just takes up space. Go through the attic, garage, basement, and closets and begin eliminating things that you almost never use or need. You will find that many of these things truly are garbage and clutter. Throw away the items of no value. If time allows, gather other things together and have a garage sale. You will be surprised at all the things others will purchase that you no longer use.

Once the clutter has been disposed of, the daunting task of downsizing will be less overwhelming. You can now begin tackling one room at a time. Begin with the room you spend the least amount of time in…perhaps the guest room. Downsizing to an apartment or much smaller house will call for the decision to also reduce the amount of furniture. The bed and dresser in the guest bedroom may very well need to be sold.

As you go through the house, there are some pertinent questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the item outdated?

  • Is it in ill repair?

  • Have I used it in the past year?

  • Do these clothes still fit and are they still in style?

  • Is this item really that sentimental?

  • Do I really need it and will I have room for it?

This entire process will greatly reduce the bulk of clutter and unused items, making downsizing an easier achievement. Upon arrival at your new and smaller residence, you will have another opportunity to reconsider and possibly eliminate some additional items. The completed result will be a smaller and neater, more organized home.

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