Moving Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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“Wow! I can’t wait to go around town begging for cardboard boxes, pack up all my stuff, lug it to my friends pickup truck, play Tetris in the back of the pickup with all my possessions, drive it carefully to my new place, lug it into my new place, unload it, and dispose of the cardboard boxes! It will only take like six or seven trips. And, the kitchen table doesn’t really fit in the bed of the truck, so we get to use one of those bright orange warning flags to tie to the end that sticks out of the open tailgate! It’s going to be such a fun weekend! Just think - lifting that old couch that Uncle Joe gave us! It barely fits out the front door!! Now that is one fun weekend!” said NO ONE! - EVER!

Moving is hard - On many levels. For some people, it’s emotionally hard. Maybe they are leaving their childhood home or neighborhood, maybe it’s empty-nesters leaving the home that they raised their family in, or maybe it’s a move that has been spurred by something beyond anyone’s control and moving is the best option available.

For some people, it’s physically hard. The packing, organizing, and actual moving of all that clothing, dish-wear, furniture, and other stuff is physically exhausting work! Most people have to take time off from their job to get it completed. And just when did you acquire all this ‘stuff’ anyway?

For some people, it’s mentally and financially hard. Take the issue of boxes for example. Do you buy good sturdy moving boxes, or do you just buzz around town asking businesses for discarded boxes that could be harboring insects or chemicals on and in them, all in the name of the possibility of saving some money?

With all the time involved in organizing, planning, purchasing and actually doing the packing, maybe it’s time to check out the benefits of utilizing a moving company, like the professionals here at Long Island Moving and Storage. Parting doesn’t have to be sweet sorrow! Here at Long Island Moving and Storage we can help you in just about any packing or moving situation. Here’s how:

  • If you only want to purchase moving supplies and pack and move everything yourself, we can help with that!

  • If you want to purchase some packing supplies, but would like us to come and pack your more fragile, precious and hard to pack items, we can help with that!

  • If you want to do some or all of your packing but would like help moving your things from one home to the next, we can help with that!

  • If you just want to take your hands off from this whole packing and moving business and let it be a stress-free experience, we can help with that!

  • If you need a safe place to store some or all of your things in-between actual moves, we can help with that!

We totally understand that moving is not easy. Even if the move is an exciting thing that you have been working towards for a long time, there’s still the planning, preparation, and actual move that can be complicated. Moving is our business, every facet of it. We even have some of the best private, secure, state-of-the-art, alarmed, CCTV monitored, and clean storage facilities around. Like we said, moving is our business; and we mean it. Make your next move an easy and carefree one by partnering up with the professional movers here at Long Island Moving and Storage. You’ll be glad you did.

Proudly serving Dix Hills, Northport, and Long Beach as well as communities throughout King, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties since 1926. 

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