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Downsize Before A Move For A Cleaner More Organized Home

woman sorting clothes

Moving is never an easy task in even the best of conditions. So many things factor in—geographic distance, drastic climate changes, a sudden and unexpected move that calls for downsizing and reducing the amount of personal items and furniture. This invariably happens when one moves from a house to an apartment or even from a large house to a much smaller one. Continue

6 Dorm Room Moving Tips

girl leaving home and going to college

Wow! It is time to move your son or daughter into a dorm. This may be you the first time you have done this. If that is the case, it is a bland new process for you and your college student. Here are six helpful hints on getting moved. Prior to the move in day you and your student need to review all the paperwork sent from the residential office. It should give you the entire move in day… Continue

Tips For A Successful Summer Move

family moving to long island new york in the summer

Finding a new place to live can be fun and exciting! Getting to redecorate, making new memories and meeting new neighbors is all a joyous part of a move. On the flip side, moving can also be stressful and overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be tough. Wondering, will the weather cooperate? Will it be 100 degrees and humid? Will it downpour? So, what things are within your control that you… Continue

The Importance Of Sturdy Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes Long Island

Planning a big move soon? If you have, you’ve probably been wondering what the best location is for finding boxes in which to pack your belongings. Well the Long Island movers at Long Island Moving & Storage can tell you that just any old boxes aren’t going to do the trick. There are benefits to purchasing new moving boxes that are specifically designed for moving your belongings and although… Continue

Long Island Movers Offer Tips For A Smooth Move

Moving Tips Long Island

Are you planning a move anytime soon? If so, you need to start thinking now about everything that needs to get done. The earlier you begin planning for a move, the easier and more smoothly your move will go. What do you need to do for preparation to move all your belongings to your new place? Here are some helpful moving and packing tips from the Long Island movers at Long Island Moving And… Continue

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