Tips For A Successful Summer Move

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Finding a new place to live can be fun and exciting! Getting to redecorate, making new memories and meeting new neighbors is all a joyous part of a move. On the flip side, moving can also be stressful and overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be tough. Wondering, will the weather cooperate? Will it be 100 degrees and humid? Will it downpour? So, what things are within your control that you can do now to help with your big "move" day? Here's a few ideas from the pros at Long Island Moving and Storage:

  • One thing not everyone thinks about when it comes to a move is getting all bank accounts transferred. You should start thinking about this about a month before your move. This way all your accounts are set up and ready for use upon settling into your new place. This is also a good time to fill out a change of address form at the post office, switching over the address on magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well as on your credit card statements and other bills.

  • Before you start packing up your belongings, take a look around and make sure you want to take everything with you. Whether it’s putting it into storage, tossing it out or selling it in a garage sale, there is no point packing and unpacking things you don’t really need or want. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to do this. The last thing you want is to get to the tail end of packing and simply because you have run out of time start dragging those few random objects along with you. 

  • Packing can be the most daunting part of a move. Trying to decide which items to pack in what boxes, when to pack it so you won’t need it to be unpacked again before the move, making sure nothing gets broken and keeping your current residence livable until you move out is not easy! As you pack, consider how you plan to unpack. For example, make sure the things you need for a particular room are well marked and accessible. You can also make an inventory list of things you want to take with you personally, such as your grandmother’s china or your toothbrush. Start packing those items early that you don’t need to have in order to live. Pack up extra bedding, out of season clothing, picture frames and wall hangings as far ahead of the move as possible.

  • Preparing for a smooth unpack can be really helpful when it comes to moving. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug them so you don’t have to try to guess what plugs go where when you’re trying to get set back up. Make a list of the things that need to be put together and the items that should be inside and in place before you bring in all the little stuff. It can also be helpful to take pictures of the rooms in your new place and map out where you want things to go so you don’t end up rearranging several times while trying to get everything in and unpacked.

  • Remember that moving is not only stressful for you but it can also make children and pets anxious. Let your children be involved in the packing process. Let them pack a box of things that is important to them that you can make sure is one of the first things off the truck when you arrive. If possible, try to find someone to watch your children the day of the move. As far as pets go, try to find a pet daycare or a friend to watch them for a couple of days if possible.

  • Another thing to consider is hiring a moving company. Professional movers, like the ones at Long Island Moving and Storage,  know how to get things packed up quickly while paying special attention to fragile items. They will even do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about adding physical exhaustion to the mental exhaustion that commonly is the result of a move. No matter the reason for your move, new home, new job or new adventure, being prepared is the most important piece of a successful move!

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