Benefits Of Climate Controlled Storage Units

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Storage units are a great way to store your belongings, but how do you go about deciding which storage facility to choose? There are many companies out there offering storage units at competitive prices, but it is important to look at more than just the price tag when you begin looking for a storage facility for your important belongings. When it comes to picking a storage unit, the professionals at Long Island Moving & Storage would like you to know that the safety of your belongings should be your number one priority.

How can you be certain that your belongings are safely stored in whatever facility you end up choosing? If your facility offers climate control, then your belongings should remain safe! Throughout the year in New York, our temperatures change drastically. Extreme heat and cold can have a serious effect on your belongings, which is why it is so important to choose a facility that is climate controlled for the protection of your stored items. What are the specific benefits of climate controlled storage units? Here they are, from your local moving and storage company professionals at Long Island Moving & Storage.

1. A climate controlled storage facility can help prevent rodent and insect pests from infesting your belongings.

2. Rust, corrosion, mold and mildew can all be avoided in a climate controlled storage facility.

3. Climate controlled facilities can protect items with high monetary value and/or sentimental value from undue harm.

4. Temperature sensitive items (photos and other media, antiques, artwork, electronics, wine, etc) will remain safe in a climate controlled storage facility.

Now, if you think we are exaggerating just a little about the importance of a climate controlled storage facility, you would be incorrect! It’s amazing what temperature extremes can do to stored items! Fabric and paper can become yellowed and degraded. Items made from wood can crack and warp from expanding and contracting in temperature extremes and electronics can be destroyed by dampness and temperature fluctuations. If you care enough about your belongings to make sure they are safely stored, it only makes sense to choose a facility that provides secure storage units with climate controlled conditions. At Long Island Moving & Storage, we provide climate controlled storage in Long Island to protect the stored belongings of all our valuable customers. We also offer units that are protected by a central station burglar-fire alarm and can offer packing and crating services as necessary. Contact us in Long Island to learn more about our climate controlled storage units today!

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