Mover Storage VS Self Storage

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Regardless of the reason, moving your entire family and all your belongings can be a monumental and overwhelming task. Relocating may be the result of an employment transfer, a need to move closer to family, or simply the desire to purchase a new home across town. No matter the reason, there are many things to consider—packing boxes, wrapping fragile keepsakes, protecting furniture during transport, and how to get everything safely from point A to point B.

There are times when, due to time constraints, all or at least a portion of your belongings may need to be stored until your new home is ready to be occupied. The question of what to do with everything is one more worry to add to that list of overwhelming tasks. Should you use mover storage or should you rely on self-storage?

The crew at Long Island Moving & Storage, in addition to loading and moving your belongings, offers mover storage for your benefit. With our mover storage services, you can count on security 24 hours per day. There are times when an individual may need to put items in storage before it’s time for the actual move. Mover storage is the most convenient choice for this need, especially when using our moving services.

Another thing to take into consideration when needing temporary storage is the fact that moving companies often will offer storage discounts along with their moving services – kind of a ‘bundle’ discount. Long Island Moving & Storage is currently offering one month of free storage when choosing our Mover Storage Services for at least 3 months. By the same token, you may be eligible for a discount on the actual moving services if you also use our Mover Storage Services.

There are pros and cons with almost everything, and the choice of which type of storage you choose is no exception. There are many differences between self-storage and mover storage options that may assist you in your decision between the two. For example, with self-storage facilities, you walk away with a key that gives you access to your stored items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Mover Storage, you can only access your items during normal business hours. However, on the flip side, self-storage units typically have far less security than mover storage options can offer.

Another disadvantage with self-storage facilities is that your items are typically housed at ground level and stored on cement. This means that, even with climate controlled units, you could experience moisture problems and even possible flooding during heavy rains. Condensation and moisture can lead to warping of wooden furniture, along with mold and mildew issues.

With the mover storage option, Long Island Moving & Storage takes the work and worry out of the equation. You will be glad to know that when you contact us, professional movers will assist you and guide you through the entire moving process. Our outstanding reputation for integrity and quality work keeps us booked up, so Contact Long Island Moving & Storage with your target date and take advantage of our Mover Storage options.

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