Winter Moving Tips

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There are many things that winter brings into our life, some of which are full of fun and excitement.  What child hasn’t enjoyed a good snowball fight?  How about the excitement of getting out the big toboggan and heading to the hills for snow sledding?  Or ice skating and downhill skiing?  Or building that huge snowman?  How about that big snow fort?   For others, the fun of winter is playing board games around a warm, inviting wood-burning fireplace.
But there are also other things that can become a hardship and extra expense due to the harsh winter conditions.  It is highly probable that resting at the top of the list of winter hardships is moving and relocating during those winter months.  Moving across town is one thing, but relocating to another city or state is an entirely different story.  The winter weather does not take into consideration your moving dates or relocation deadlines.  Nature can change abruptly and totally foil your moving plans.  If you are planning to move during winter months, don’t take the risk of doing it yourself or depending on the assistance of friends.  You will be much further ahead and more prepared by contracting the assistance of a reputable professional mover who has the experience in dealing with moves during winter weather conditions. 
Proper packing of possessions is always important but especially in the cold weather.  Your more fragile items are much more sensitive during extreme cold conditions, increasing the chance of breakage.  Have lots of bubble wrap on hand.  You will need it for your dishes and fine china, pictures and even antique furniture.  Have lots of boxes available so that none are overfilled, and use new boxes, if possible.  Old, used boxes can be weak and may flatten or break open, especially if on the bottom of the pile.  All these potential circumstances are always worse in cold, snowy conditions.
Speaking of snowy conditions, keep walkways free of snow and ice.  The last thing you need on moving day is to be interrupted with a broken leg or twisted ankle.  You will also want some thick, stiff cardboard or old carpet remnants to walk on inside the home.  Tracking snow into the house can cause slippery floors and will increase the risk of falling and injuring yourself or breaking possessions.
Servicing Dix Hills, Northport, and communities throughout our multi-county service area, Long Island Moving & Storage has the experience and expertise to orchestrate your move and relieve you of the difficulties that accompany relocating during the winter.  When you contact us with your potential date, we will give you a schedule of what to do and when to do it.  Follow our guidelines, lean on our experience, and let Long Island Moving & Storage take the worry and risk out of your winter moving venture. You will be glad you did! 

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