6 Ways To Spring Clean Your NY Home

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Spring time is a great time for new beginnings. It has been a long, cold and snowy winter. Just a few more days and it will be the first day of spring. Does this guarantee that the weather will instantly warm up and flowers will bloom? Not exactly, but it sure does give us hope that nice weather is on the way soon. What this does mean is that you can officially start your spring cleaning. Yahoo! Now that’s something to celebrate. It’s a time to clean and organize and get things ready for the fun summer months ahead. Maybe you are not as excited about organizing and cleaning as I am. Think of spring cleaning as a fresh start to your home's organization to create better functionality for your day. Everyone can use a good fresh start after such a long winter. Here are six tips to get your started:

  1. Think Spring! Get your family's gear ready for a fun spring. Bust out the outdoor toys. Get ready to send those kids outside to “get the stink blown off of them” as my dad always said… I don’t know why. Get out the rain boots and umbrellas. The picnic blanket and basket. Get ready for trips to the park and spending the weekends starting your new garden!

  2. Memories! Take a moment before all the fun starts to organize the winter memories. Print and store the Christmas photos. Charge your camera's battery. Make sure that your memory cards have been downloaded and are ready for a new season. Organize all the indoor crafting activities and artwork. Get your craft areas ready for dried flowers, twigs and I’m sure a little mud, if your yard looks anything like mine.

  3. Entry Way: Organize your entryway to accommodate for mud season. Designate an area to put your rain boots, hang your jackets and maybe even an area to put muddy clothes before they hit the washer machine. The snow is starting to melt and we have had a lot of it so mud season should be in full swing soon. Make sure your home is organized and ready.

  4. Home Layout: This is a great time to rearrange your furniture just the way you like it, before things get busy. Then it gives you time to think about all those summer barbeques and family events. Organize your home now to accommodate your summer plans so you're not rushing at the last minute. Maybe move around your children’s room to work with the fact that it will be light out longer. Take time now and really make your home set up functional for your family’s needs.

  5. Kitchen Nightmares! Your kitchen probably became a hot spot this winter. With all that winter traffic, things can get a little unorganized. From baking to crafting to entertaining and learning; your kitchen is one of the number one spots people tend to hang out in. Now would be the perfect time to freshen it up with a good clean!

  6. Storage! It is officially time to store those Christmas decorations and all of your winter gear. It may seem impossible to fit all of that winter fun in your home. Designate an area in your attic, basement or garage for swapping out seasonal items. If you find that your home just does not have enough space for all the Christmas lights, inflatable Santa and fake tree, it may be time to consider a storage unit. At Long Island Moving and Storage, we have affordable, high quality units that will give you that extra room you so desperately need. When you go to open in next fall, it will be like an early Christmas to see all your items.

Rejuvenate, recollect and refresh yourself this spring and call the storage experts at Long Island Moving and Storage to learn more about our storage options!

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