Simple Moving Tips That You Will Appreciate

image of a man with moving boxes

We have yet to meet a person who truly loves moving. I mean, we love it but it's what our company does. We're professional movers. We're talking about those of you who work hard at your job, take care of your family and have a million other things to focus on. Moving can take a whole bunch of determination and a bit of sweat if you go it alone. Here are a few simple moving tips to help you make your next move less stressful.

Pack an overnight bag
Skip the stress of trying to find the essentials at your new home or apartment by packing an overnight bag. You should include toothbrushes, haircare products, makeup and clothing, enough to keep you dressed for a couple days.

Label your boxes
Rather than stare at a pyramid of boxes in the living room of your new digs, label each box so that it is delivered to the appropriate room. Sure, you'll have boxes all over the place but at least they'll be in the right room.

Take a picture
You may need to take several actually. Snapping a picture of how your electronics are assembled BEFORE you take them apart will make it much easier to put them back together.

Pack your closet
The easiest way to pack a closet is to leave items hanging and put a large trash bag over the bottom of them and tie it at the top. You should be able to remove the bag and place them in your new closet. Simple!

Use plastic wrap
Shampoos, dish soaps and other liquids have a tendency to leak. Prevent that and the mess you'd have to clean up by wrapping the opening and entire bottle with plastic wrap before packing.

Keep little pieces together
If you have to take items like furniture apart make sure you keep all little pieces together in a sealed bag and label the bag for each item it belongs to.

Hire a sitter
Moving can be confusing without the added pressure of little people and four-legged friends under your feet. Hiring a sitter will remove the stress of worrying about your kids and pets and let you focus on the big move.

So there you go, a few ideas. We also have an even better one - contact Long Island Moving And Storage! Family owned and operated, our Long Island moving company specializes in short hauls and long distance moves. Serving Atlantic Beach, Bayville, and communities across Long Island, we are ready to help you move around the corner or move to Florida

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