Avoid Moving Damages With These 3 Tips

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Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming time for anyone. There is so much to pack, organize and move. Then there is the unpacking and reorganizing. Taking your time to do things correct and safe is not always easy. Ensuring your safety and the safety of your items is always important when moving. There are a lot of different rooms to pack up and different styles of items to pack differently. This can become overwhelming. You may even want to hire a professional moving service to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Here are 3 quick tips on preventing damages to your items when you move:

  1. Blankets: Using blankets to move your items can prevent damage to the items and to the surfaces you move them across. For example, placing a blanket over a TV screen can prevent scratches to it. Putting a blanket under a heavy item before sliding it across a hardwood floor can prevent scratches to it.

  2. Large Boxes: You can use these large boxes as pathways across rugs to prevent dirt stains in high traffic areas. Break down large boxes until they are flat. Tape them together to create a pathway across areas you do not want walked on while moving items out of your home.

  3. Carpet Protection: You can also buy a protective plastic film to place over carpets while moving items in and out of your home. This protective layer is essential to keeping carpets nice during a busy move. You can find these protectors at a local moving supplies store near you.

These quick tips are just the beginning of any big move. Keeping your next big move safe and efficient is important for everyone involved. Moving can be stressful. If you need help with your next big move, call us at Long Island Moving and Storage. Our friendly team of professional movers will help you organize, plan and complete your next big move. We also sell moving supplies like boxes and tape. If you need to store a few items, we have just the right storage unit you need.

Taking time to plan a big move on your own can seem overwhelming. At Long Island Moving and Storage, we have been moving families and businesses for over 88 years. Give us a call today and let us help you get started on your move.

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