Choosing a Moving Company
August 20, 2012
Gigi Berman Aharoni

Is It Reputable?

If you are thinking about moving or are in the process, first make sure you are dealing with a licensed moving company. "All reputable movers are licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Transportation," says Steve Bogdanos, owner of All Right Moves in New Hyde Park. Also look for inclusion in the Long Island Moving and Storage Association. That industry group advises that any mover be asked to show proof of licensing and Workers' Compensation insurance. The Better Business Bureau is good for checking up on any company's reputation. For information on a moving company's status, call the local DOT at 718-482-4814 for moves in the tri-state area; for long distance moves, call800-832-5660. Contact the Long Island Moving and Storage Association at 631-980-3882 or

Moving Charges

Next be aware that moving companies charge either an hourly or a flat rate (also called a binding price). The hourly rate is usually for moves in the metro area, says Bobby Falvo, president of Long Island Moving and Storage, a Plainview moving company. "Prices run about $115 to $160 per hour, which includes a truck and three movers. Long-distance moves are usually based on a rate that is calculated by a weight/mileage formula," he says.

Extra Costs And Considerations

You'll be charged for materials such as boxes, tape, cardboard, bubble wrap, crates and blank newsprint for glassware. If you pack up an apartment yourself, supplies can run from $10 to $50. Supplies for a house may be higher. If you are requesting packing be done for you, it's best to get an on-site estimate, which is usually free, says Bogdanos. Most companies should offer a certain number of free wardrobe or book boxes. You can reduce your materials costs by asking for extra boxes at liquor, grocery or book stores.

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