Stashing Your Stuff
June 12th, 2012
Kristin Taveira

On the moving truck

If you'll be between homes for a matter of days, a moving company may allow you to keep your belongings on a truck overnight. There's a charge for each day the truck can't be used for another move - for instance, it's $250 a night per truck at Long Island Moving and Storage in Plainview - but that's a steal compared to moving twice, says owner Bobby Falvo. "You know your furniture is only being handled one time, so there's less chance for any damage. And you save the entire cost of another move," Falvo says.

An on-site storage container

You park the unit at your home and fill it up on your schedule. At PODS in Hauppauge, it costs about $215 a month to rent a 16-foot container - a size that holds about three or four rooms' worth of stuff - plus about $90 for delivery for fuel, including taxes, as of press time. When you're done packing up, you'll pay another delivery charge to have the company move the container to a storage center, and one more when they deliver it to your new home.

Self-storage facility

A 200-square foot unit, which holds about seven rooms' worth of furniture plus boxes, starts at $253 a month at Safe-guard Self Storage in Hewlett, as of press time. But the big expense is the double move: if you need professional movers, you'll have to pay once for the move from your home to the storage facility and again to get it out of storage and into your new home.

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