We Like To Move It Move It!

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Do you like moving? Do you enjoy lifting all that heavy furniture and all those boxes down two or three flights of stairs? Do you enjoy worrying that your china might break because you didn't pack it right or that you might leave a horrible scratch in one of the walls because you didn't turn a piece of furniture the right way? Most people don't like moving.

But, like King Julian, your Long Island Movers like to, "Move It, Move It! We like to move it!" Was that a bit too much? Perhaps. What we're trying to say is we actually like moving your stuff. Sure, we don't sing that song while we're doing it, and we might not look so happy sometimes--like when we're concentrating on carrying a piano or a couch out the front door, but that's only because we're focused on doing the job right. We want your stuff to be safe and we take that job seriously. But whether it is a box of scarves or a four-drawer filing cabinet, we like to move it move it. Is it because we were slightly more addicted to Tetris as children than we should have been? Maybe. All that matters is we like doing it. That means you're not going to get stone faced or grumpy people showing up at your door on moving day.

Here are a few more reasons you might like to let us move it.

  • We've been at this moving thing since 1926. That is a long time to perfect our craft. When you have us move you, you know it will be done right.

  • Can you say, "Same day, next day?" If you're moving up or down the East Coast, or anywhere between here and Michigan, we can start moving you today and have your stuff there tomorrow. We don't mess around.

  • Do you need to move on Saturday? No problem. Not only do we work on weekends and holidays, we don't bill you extra to move on those days.

  • Our trucks are well sanitized. That means your stuff will look and smell as nice as it did when you last saw it.

  • We know how to pack and handle antiques, computers, plasma TVs, and other sensitive items. You don't have to worry about your stuff getting broken, dinged or dented. We'll even quilt-pad items that need it at no extra charge to you.

  • We are fully licensed and insured.

  • You're not going to get any hidden costs.

You've probably heard all the horror stories about moving companies that lose items, break items, or end up costing twice as much as estimated. With Long Island Moving and Storage, you can know that your stuff is safe. We don't just like to "move it, move it," we know how to move it right! Give us a call today and let us show you just how much we like to move it!

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