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Tips For A Successful Summer Move

family moving to long island new york in the summer

Finding a new place to live can be fun and exciting! Getting to redecorate, making new memories and meeting new neighbors is all a joyous part of a move. On the flip side, moving can also be stressful and overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be tough. Wondering, will the weather cooperate? Will it be 100 degrees and humid? Will it downpour? So, what things are within your control that you… Continue

Benefits Of Climate Controlled Storage Units

climate controlled storage locker

Storage units are a great way to store your belongings, but how do you go about deciding which storage facility to choose? There are many companies out there offering storage units at competitive prices, but it is important to look at more than just the price tag when you begin looking for a storage facility for your important belongings. When it comes to picking a storage unit, the professionals… Continue

Worried About All That Packing?

new york man worried about moving

Are you excited about your big move that is coming up, but not so excited about all the packing that comes with it? If this sounds like you then you should contact the packing experts at Long Island Moving and Storage. Our packing services can take away some of the stress and time that can come along with packing for a move. Continue

Organizing For Your Next Move

new york man getting ready to move

Moving an entire household from an old home to a new home is a big job and if not organized well it can easily turn into a stressful disaster. That is why it is super important to take the time in the weeks before the actual move to organize your home and self. At Long Island Moving and Storage we want to give you some easy tips to help organize your next move and ease the stress level for you and… Continue

10 Ways To Find a Qualified Mover

find a qualified mover in new york

Finding the right moving company can be really tough. It’s hard to know who to trust in the world of moving companies and you want someone that has the capability of handling all of your stuff safely and getting it to where it needs to be at exactly the right time. You also want to know that the company you are dealing with is legitimate, has insurance and a good reputation. When it comes to… Continue

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